Provision of Contract services

Specialized workshops guarantee the best result, at the scheduled times and the lowest cost

Space measurements

We undertake the analytical breakdown of the needs of each professional project as well as the measurement of spaces & surfaces, for the accurate calculation of the quantity of materials (carpet, floor, fabrics, etc.) that will be needed, having the responsibility for the safe construction and proper application of our products.

Curtain confection & Furniture upholstery

We offer curtain sewing & upholstery services for any need of professional work through our specialized and experienced, tried, and tested partners. We serve special constructions of curtains, various types of confections, as well as furniture upholstery, construction of pillows for indoor and outdoor application, fabrication of blankets, runners, tablecloths, always in collaboration with the client or the collaborating architectural office for the most desirable result.

Material installation

We provide technical support for the installation of the materials and products of our collection (curtains, shading systems, wallpapers, carpets, floors, etc.), from experienced, collaborating trained workshops. At MIKOS Contract, we aim that the project can be completed on time – as well as and the final check for their proper and correct operation.

After-sales support

We provide technical assistance for any repair or restoration of the material that may be needed in materials-products that you have purchased from our company in professional projects that we have undertaken. We are close to you whenever you need us, providing you with a complete ‘after-sales service’ service.